Aug 11, 2020

French Hits Gone International – Part 3

Throughout history, artists have performed songs that weren’t their own. Whether authorized or not, some of these covers have become more famous than the original versions and their creators. The most popular songs cross geographical and linguistic boundaries and reappear in a new form, aided by lyricists and singers who sometimes transform the meaning of the originals. French music has been no different in this respect, as you can see in this new playlist.

Have you ever wondered about the origins of songs that have been covered by Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Eartha Kitt, Sam Cooke, Joao Gilberto, Lauryn Hill, Umberto Tozzi, Dean Martin, The Platters or Busy Signal? The answers are in this selection of musical productions from France, adapted by globally successful artists. Find out who covered who in the third volume of our ‘French hits gone international’ playlist, where the original songs are followed by one or more of the adaptations.

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French Hits Gone International – Part 3

A selection of French music tracks adapted by international artists. Listen now