Jan 16, 2019

Gesaffelstein | ‘Lost In The Fire’ Feat. The Weeknd

French producer Gesaffelstein has shared his new song ‘Lost in the Fire’ featuring RnB star The Weeknd. The single follows their 2018 collaboration on the Weeknd’s album My Dear Melancholy. The Dark Prince of techno – as he is nicknamed by his fans – will release his new album Hyperion later in the year, having signed with Columbia a few months ago.

Listen to the track and check out the new music video, directed by Manu Cossu, below:

Gesaffelstein is set to perform at Coachella. Follow your What the France guide and don’t miss a “made-in-France” act. 

Gesaffelstein - Electronic May 31, 2019
Governor's Ball New York City, NY, USA
Gesaffelstein - Techno Apr 21, 2019
Coachella Indio, CA, USA, USA
Gesaffelstein - Techno Apr 14, 2019
Coachella Indio, CA, USA, USA