Malik Djoudi
Feb 26, 2019

Malik Djoudi | New video for ‘Belles sueurs’

Belles sueurs’, the new single taken from Malik Djoudi’s second album ‘Tempéraments’, to be released on March 22nd, is a daring electronic composition. Directed by Antoine Carlier, who previously directed the video for his first single ‘Tempérament‘, the video simultaneously evokes desire, aggression, sensuality and madness as Malik Djoudi finds himself encircled by menacing figures under a harsh light of a basement.

Listen to ‘Belles sueurs’ and other French Pop tracks in our ‘Pop The Champagne‘ playlist:


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Malik Djoudi will perform in London few days after his album release, on March 27th. Make sure you don’t miss out by getting your tickets below: