Jan 23, 2024

Papooz | The duo return with a new album for 2024!

Papooz, an iconic name in the revival of the French folk, pop and rock scene, are set to return this week with a new album, entitled RESONATE. Their cheesy, summery music videos have already racked up several millions of views combined on YouTube, while over on Spotify, two of their tracks have earned more than 20,000,000 plays to date.

With a laid-back style that’s steeped in a wide range of musical inspirations – including the likes of The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Velvet Underground – the Paris-based duo, comprised of Ulysse Cottin and Armand Penicaut, have won over listeners both in France and around the world. The pair stand out thanks to their audacity when it comes to mixing classic influences with electronic touches to explore new horizons, creating a unique sonic identity in the process.

After recording three consecutive albums – Green Juice in 2016, Night Sketches in 2019 and None of This Matters in 2022 – three vibrant singles marked the return of Papooz in 2023: ‘RESONATE’, ‘DOWN BY YOU’ and, most recently, ‘DON’T YOU THINK IT’D BE NICE ?’. These tracks’ carefully sculpted lyrics, which are carried by the duo’s sublimely androgynous vocals, add a spellbinding and poetic dimension to their music, not to mention an irresistible groove. These three singles have also paved the way for the imminent release of the Parisians’ hotly anticipated new album, RESONATE, which comes out this Friday (26th January) via French label Half Awake Records.

You can check Papooz out now on our Pop The Champagne playlist!


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