Feb 10, 2022

Saison France-Portugal 2022 | Playlist of ‘Made in France’ Portuguese tracks

Initially intended to run from July 2021 until February 2022, la Saison France-Portugal (the France-Portugal Season) was postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis. Portuguese is the official language over nine countries and is spoken by over 234 million people around the world.

The love story between Portugal and France is nothing new. While emigration has been a feature of Portuguese society for centuries, the end of the 1950s was unprecedented for the sheer number of Portuguese migrants arriving in France – in the space of 17 years, the size of the community grew from 20,000 (1958) to 750,000 (1975). It is estimated that there are currently 1.5 million Portuguese of people of Portuguese descent living in France. This special relationship between the two countries has led to France welcoming, and nurturing, numerous artists of Portuguese origin, who have felt free to express themselves in their mother tongue. The singer Linda De Suza had a hit in 1978 with her song ‘Un Portugais’, which sold over 250,000 copies and reached the top ten, before being rerecorded in Portuguese the following year. Years later, in 2011, Franco-Portuguese singer triumphed with his track ‘Vem dancar kuduro’ which was number one in the French clubs before hitting the top of the charts in Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Canada. There are also a number of French acts who have opted to sing in Portuguese, like Laure Briard, Pauline Croze and Nicola Són, as well as the many artists from Brazil, Cap Verde or Angola who have signed with French labels to develop their careers, such as the much-missed Cesária Evora, Toquinho, Bonga, Lura, Lucas Santtana, Flavia Coelho, Pongo and Mayra Andrade.

The Saison France-Portugal includes over 500 projects, 75 of which are collaborations between the two countries. The full list is available here https://linktr.ee/saisonfranceportugal.

What The France has put together a special playlist What The França ?! Êxitos Em Português featuring some of the most emblematic ‘Made in France’ songs sung partially, or entirely, in Portuguese.


Sucessos Franceses Em Português

A selection of made in France productions, all including Portuguese language ! Listen now