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Mar 06, 2024

Stuck in the Sound | An exclusive playlist to go with their new LP!

Fresh from unveiling their latest album, 16 Dreams A Minute, in early February, French rock band Stuck in the Sound have now put together a playlist of some of their favourite made-in-France tunes exclusively for What the France (see below).

Having formed in 2001 in Montreuil – a town in the eastern suburbs of Paris – the group currently consists of José Reis Fontao (lead vocals and guitar), Emmanuel Barichasse (lead guitar), Romain Della Valle (keyboard) and François Ernie (drums and backing vocals). After recording a non-official, eponymous first album in 2004, the quartet released what was officially their debut record, Nevermind the Living Dead, in 2006, rising to fame thanks to the track ‘Toy Boy’ appearing not only in the Guitar Hero World Tour setlist but also in the soundtracks of two films: Les Dents de la nuit and La Chance de ma vie.

Between then and their latest offering, the band put out four LPs: Shoegazing Kids (2009), Pursuit (2012), Survivor (2016) and Billy Believe (2019). What’s more, they’re currently on tour in the United States, with two prestigious dates lined up at The New Colossus Festival in New York and at SXSW in Austin, before they head south to play in Mexico on 14th March ahead of a hotly anticipated series of homecoming dates in France.

An exclusive playlist by Stuck in the Sound

Despite their busy schedule, the members of Stuck in the Sound have indeed taken the time to put together an exclusive playlist for What the France, on which you’ll find tracks by lead singer José himself as well as by the likes of DITTER, Papooz, Structures, Isaac Delusion, Pogo Car Crash Control, BLEU REINE ft. Alcest, Cymbaline, Voyou, Pierre de Maere, Johnny Mafia, Berling Berlin, Lysistrata, Grand Blanc, Cosse, Lulu Van Trapp, Rone, Johan Papaconstantino, Corine ft. Adrien Gallo, Polo & Pan and Liquid Bear.


A Made In France Selection By Stuck In The Sound

Listen to a selection of made in France tracks, handpicked by Stuck in the Sound ! Listen now