What The France Radio Australia
Jun 02, 2021

WTF Radio | Episode 3 – with special guest Barbagallo (Tame Impala)

Always wanted to hear some fresh ‘Made in France’ tunes and interviews of French artists but in English? Well, It’s all happening! Australia now has its very own What The France radio show.

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Presented by Mick Radojkovic, also a presenter of The Tuckshop on Sydney community radio 2SER, the monthly show gives an Australian perspective on music made in France.

Episode 3 – With special guest Barbagallo (Tame Impala)

In this third episode, Mick has the pleasure of interviewing Julien Barbagallo. When not drumming for one of the biggest bands in the world (Tame Impala), Barbagallo is creating music under his own name. The artist presents his fourth album “Les Grands brûlés”.


  • Pastel Coast – Sunset
  • Joris Delacroix – Early Hours
  • Kids Return – Melody
  • Barbagallo – Michael
  • Barbagallo – Debout
  • Johnny Mafia – Trevor Philippe
  • Fantomes – Parker Lewis
  • Wayne Snow – Nina
  • Bon Entendeur / Mc Gregor – Nan Ye Li Kan
  • Klem H – Ditch
  • Ravagaes – D’où je viens
  • Victor Pavy – Video Home System