Apr 23, 2019

Bernard Estardy | The Giant’s Selection

What do Françoise Hardy‘s ‘Comment te dire adieu’, « Alexandrie Alexandra » by Claude François,« Le sud » by Nino Ferrer and « La mort d’Orion » by Gérard Manset have in common?

All those songs or legendary albums are connected by one man: Bernard Estardy. Musician, arranger, producer and co-founder of the legendary CBE studio, the ‘Baron’ – as is sometimes referred to – deserved a playlist worthy of his huge talent.

Here is a selection of 99 songs produced for himself or others that have become classics or cult favourites, and through which you can start to explore Estardy’s unique sound-world.

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Bernard Estardy : The Giant’s Selection

Discover a selection of hits produced by the great late Bernard Estardy. Listen now