May 24, 2021

Bon Entendeur | New album ‘Minuit’

French electronic collective Bon Entendeur have released a new single, ‘Nan Ye Li Kan’, a foretaste of their second album, Minuit, which is out 25th June.

The original track by Mac Gregor,Nan Ye Li Kan’, was recorded in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, in 1981. Originally from Martinique, Mac Gregor moved to Abidjan in 1979 on a “quest for negritude”. Until her death in April 2004, she sang of her love for her adopted city. A composer, poet and visionary singer who blended creole with French and Nouchi (the local dialect), she established a musical bridge between the Antilles and Ivory Coast with the help of a group of exceptional Ivorian musicians. Now Bon Entendeur have breathed new life into this cult musical gem.

‘Nan Ye Li Kan’ appears on the group’s new opus, Minuit, which is out on 25th June. After a sold out international tour was interrupted by the Covid pandemic, they had a clear idea in mind: the next album would be divided into day and night, listening and dancing. Minuit is an album of two sides which begins with some more characteristic work by the group before switching to tracks destined for dancefloors around the world.


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