Jan 14, 2021

Chevalrex | New album ‘Providence’

PROVIDENCE (from the Latin Providentia): a person or event that arrives at a given moment to rescue a situation or which constitutes a stroke of luck or provides aid when it is most needed.

A new album for Chevalrex

Coming after a year that one could describe, at the very least, as turbulent, Providence is a particularly resonant title. The fourth album from Chevalrex, aka Rémy Poncet, feels like a balm.

Providence opens with ‘Au Crépuscule (‘At Twlight’), “dreaming of absolute calm”, and ends on a beach of La Désirade island “at the break of day”, tracing a cycle of shade and light that structures these 12 songs that are played with great spirit and sung as though from a hammock suspended at a cliff-edge. This is the delicately poised art of Chevalrex, who came to attention in 2016 with Futurisme and the subsequent and even more accomplished Anti Slogan. These are ambitious pop songs, featuring frequently unvarnished autobiography, but still elegant enough to remain open, elusive and intensely poetic.


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