Jun 30, 2021

Colors Show | Crystal Murray & Pongo

In June both Crystal Murray and Pongo have filmed their own Colors shows! The two ‘Made in France’ artists presented their new singles: ‘Boss’ for Crystal Murray and ‘Bruxos’ for Pongo.

19-year-old Crystal Murray, who is based in Paris, released debut EP I Was Wrong on French label Because Music in 2020 and also made a name for herself with the Safe Place project, a platform giving a voice to young people who have been victims of sexual violence. Warren moves effortlessly from one genre to another on ‘Boss’, with its meeting of pop, soul and electronic rhythms.

Pongo, the “queen of kuduro”, released debut album Baia in 2019, followed by the Uwa EP on Virgin Records France last year, and both garnered a great deal of media attention. Her music combines zouk and soca influences with pop from the streets of Lisbon, where she has lived since her family left Angola in the 90s. ‘Bruxos’ is a song about pushing beyond your own limits, and makes reference to curses (‘bruxos’ means wizard in Portuguese), according to the beliefs she grew up with, envious people place on those that are more successful than them. It’s an energetic hymn to courage!


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