Aug 30, 2021

Gaspard Claus | Debut solo album ‘Tancade’

On cello player Gaspar Claus‘s debut solo album, out on 9th September, his instrument is (almost) the only thing you hear – rubbed with a bow, plucked, brushed, bumped, caressed, jostled and transfigured (sometimes with the help of effects pedals). It is used in such an inventive and suggestive way that one has the impression of hearing
a myriad of string instruments, each one endowed with rich harmonic, rhythmic or melodic potential.

Tancade takes us on an imaginary journey to a remote beach, lost between the rocks and the sea, the earth and the sky, where a group oflike-minded individuals retreat to find themselves.

The album is the result of a long creative process that began in 2017, when Gaspar Claus spent a few days alone near a small village in the Luberon, Barlande. Fully experiencing the anguish of creative solitude, he warded off his fear of emptiness by retrieving memories that resulted in the recording of sketches for a dozen pieces.


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