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Jun 27, 2022

JB Dunckel | The Air musician releases his third solo album

Jean-Benoît Dunckel is the co-founder of legendary duo AIR and has just released his third solo album, Carbon, on his own label Prototyp Recording.

His first album, released in 2006 under the name DARKEL, was in a similar vein to his work with Air. By his own words, Dunckel placed a great deal of importance on his musical past when creating his second solo album, H+, using it as a springboard for the devlopment of his musical adventures. His music is based on the melancholy electronic sounds that made AIR so famous.

During the uncertain first year of the pandemic, Dunckel’s thoughts turned to what he considers life’s absolutes: the insignificance of man in the face of outer space and our eternal material connection to the cosmos. The title of his new album, Carbon, references this crucial elemental relationship. Dunckel’s “admiration for scientific things in general” is the progressive, futurist mindset that a brighter future is possible. That determination drives Carbon – his first album in four years – and finds him pushing his sound forward, combining his innate pop nous with a desire to experiment and match his compositional masters.

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