Oct 17, 2023

June The Girl | A terrifying new EP ahead!

In case you were waiting until Halloween to give yourself the chills, you might want to know that June The Girl is set to get there first, knocking on your door with the release of her latest EP, Welcome to my Terreurs, this Friday (20th October).

Ever since 2016 – the year of the release of her debut LP, I Say Love – the French artist has been gradually crafting a mystical character for herself, and there’s a strong chance that her latest project will stay consistent to that trend.

That’s right – under the bed of the contemporary pop singer and “paranoid girl who makes love and sad faces” now hides an icy world that represents a far cry from the tracks included on her first album, such as ‘Emotional’ and ‘Flying Kisses’, with her new, energetic and electro-enhanced compositions depicting a nightmare inhabited by some all too familiar monsters.

On this terrifying new record, June the Girl (whose real name is Marine Bollengier) tries to reassure us by sharing messages of hope whilst also pointing out the unease that characterises her generation – and her music certainly helps her to achieve that aim. As if she were casting a spell, Bollengier’s infinitely danceable new EP plunges its listeners into a disturbing face-off with the references that populate the artist’s Netflix-filled nights and perhaps your own, too.

For the braver souls amongst you, we highly recommend checking out the music video for her latest single, ‘Hello Mr Slender Man’, to get a better idea of how the six tracks on Welcome to my Terreurs will sound.

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