Oct 21, 2020

Keep Dancing Inc | New album ‘Embrace’

After ‘Long Enough’ and current single “Start Up Nation”, the three Parisians that make up KEEP DANCING INC have released their debut album Embrace!

On Embrace, twentysomethings Louis, Joseph and Gabrielle take a critical look at a rapidly evolving society and the disillusioned youth.

The band’s inspirations

Keep Dancing Inc have been influenced by artists like Phoenix, Chic, Blossoms and Glass Animals, giving rise an indie-pop sound influenced by the 80s, New Wave attitude and a good dose of humour.

An impressive producer

Thanks to several European tours, Keep Dancing Inc have built up a formidable live reputation. The 12 tracks on Embrace were recorded and produced between the rural setting of  Grenoble and the coastal town of Margate in the UK: the base for British producer Tom Carmichael (AlaskaAlaska, Jamie Isaac, Kendrick Lamar & Fat White Family). Carmichael’s eclecticism and experience have proved to be the perfect counterbalance to the trio’s youthful energy.


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