Mar 18, 2020

Koki Nakano | New album in April

Koki Nakano is set to release his new album Pre-Choreographed.

Koki Nakano studied music at the world-renowned music school Toho Gakuen and the Tokyo University of the Arts. Having caught the Japanese prodigy at the Maison de la Culture du Japon, Laurent Bizot decided to sign him to his Nø Førmat! labelNow Pre-Choreographed, the follow-up to his debut Lift, is being released on 24th April.

A musical tightrope walker

In 2016, Koko Nakano announced his arrival on the world scene with his debut album Lift. With his friend and cello player Vincent Segal he created unique compositions that contain echoes of French impressionism, American minimalism, jazz melodies and exuberant pop. All while demonstrating versatility and a lightness of touch, the agility of a tightrope walker who seems to float above established musical genres.

An unconventional approach

Koki Nakano’s fundamental aim on Pre-Choreographed is to convey a man’s complex inner life. In doing so, he consciously distances himself from prevailing trends and slogans. He also looks to avoid a binary view of musical history, in which the modern and the outmoded, the avant-garde and the classical, the new and the old are in opposition. It’s why his compositions never give off the musty odour of music schools, conference halls and churches. They fill up rooms with their lightness.


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