Dec 04, 2023

Lewis OfMan | A new single, album and world tour!

Last month, French musician Lewis OfMan announced the release of his latest album, entitled Cristal Medium Blue, with the comeback single ‘Hey Lou’, a captivating collaboration with Paris-born singer Camille Jansen and the perfect introduction to what is set to be the 26-year-old’s second LP.

In this rousing duet with Jansen, OfMan – whose alias is inspired by his actual surname of Delhomme – introspectively explores his life as a globetrotting musician and, in doing so, creates a sound that combines joy with nostalgia, while the song’s highly personal lyrics aim to inject some optimism into the tougher times that the artist appears to have faced.

Cristal Medium Blue arguably represents the artist’s most complete project to date, setting itself apart from his debut album, Sonic Poems, with less emphasis placed on the use of synthesisers this time around. The upcoming LP delves deep into Delhomme’s personal experiences as well as his tumultuous travels around the world, with the end result being an alternative/indie pop record on which the multi-instrumentalist finds a unique mix of acoustic and electric guitars, joyful vocals and heavenly samples.

“Once I had the name, I realised the new sound was a contemplative and abstract yet precise vision,” Delhomme explained. “I wanted to express a theme, which wasn’t necessarily the case with Sonic Poems. That was a compilation of tracks from three years ago.”

The album, which will also include previously released singles ‘Frisco Blues’ and ‘Highway’, is set for release on 24th February 2024, while, over the course of next year, Lewis OfMan will be embarking on a world tour, with a series of dates lined up for France, Spain, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, the US and Canada.

While you’re here, why not check out the artist’s newest single on our Latest Releases playlist?

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