Nov 09, 2023

Lysistrata | New single, ‘Horns’

Four years after releasing their most recent album, Breathe In/Out, French indie rock band Lysistrata have excitedly announced their return to action with a brand-new single entitled ‘Horns’.

The track by the trio from Saintes, western France, elegantly and sincerely embodies their pop creativity whilst also retaining the powerful energy that propelled them to fame in the first place. ‘Horns’ is actually the opening single from the group’s upcoming album, produced by New York native Ben Greenberg – who is renowned for his work with bands such as Metz, Algiers, Beach Fossils and DIIV – and set for release in early 2024 on the Vicious Circle label, constituting an end to their fans’ long wait for fresh material.

The cover art for ‘Horns’.

Milo Dumartin, the manager of Lysistrata, wrote and directed the music video for the single, and the band were also able to share some of what hides behind the song with us: “‘Horns’ is the first track that we wrote for the album. It was the catalyst for our reunion and for our shared creation, allowing us to move forward with a renewed sense of freedom. Our aim was to share a feeling of solidarity and positivity by creating an anthem that everyone could launch into together, as one.”

For the video’s director, meanwhile, the song “symbolises a healing process and a search for inner freedom, offering up a journey towards letting go as well as a catchy chorus that people can sing in unison without worrying about how others will perceive them.”

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