Feb 03, 2021

MD ONE | Listen to new single ‘Bombe A’

French electro-pop duo MD ONE have just released new single ‘Bombe A’, the second to be taken from their forthcoming debut album Twelve Stars.

‘Bombe A’

The title ‘Bombe A’ has several meanings – it describes a romance but it’s also a metaphor for the ideal woman. It’s about love at first sight between two soulmates who have the “perfect chemistry”. Their love is explosive and uncontrolled, just like the song.

The video was shot in Berlin, with the camera slowly approaching a young couple who have just had an argument in their apartment. Furious, the young woman slams the door and runs off, and the pair then find themselves roaming in the Berlin night.

Who are MD ONE?

The M in MD ONE stands for Marc, the songwriter and founder of the group. He’s the sonic alchemist who looks for simplicity as well as power in the chords that make up his compositions. The D is for David, the lyricist and singer. He likes the way certain words can evoke particular feelings and give life to our dreams, but also being on stage on the unique relationship you can build up with the audience.

MD ONE was born after several trips between Berlin, London, Copenhagen and New York. The big capitals remain a source of inspiration for the duo and they draw their energy from their adventures there: a multitude of sounds, images and photos, a tumult of impressions, sensations and metaphors that can evoke or even provoke a flood of emotions.


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