Jul 08, 2021

Vitalic | New single and an album on the way!

Techno producer Vitalic has released a new single, called ‘Carbonized’, and has announced the release of his fifth album, due for autumn 2021.

Following the release of Voyager, Vitalic hasn’t rested on his laurels – heading out on tour, reviving his Dima alter-ego, remixing French pop icon Étienne Daho and techno producer Louisahhh and forming duo Kompromat with Rebeka Warrior (former member of Sexy Sushi), a sublime homage to DAF and Electronic Body Music, sung in German.

DISSIDÆNCE (Episode 1)

In lockdown and unemployed, like so many, because of the pandemic, Vitalic turned to his synths and drum machine before announcing the release of his fifth album DISSIDÆNCE (Episode 1) on 15th October 2021. The album aims to translate the political and social rage engendered by the global pandemic and will be published in two parts. “More than anything, it was a question of timing. While I was writing, I became aware that eight tracks were too few for the album, and that 16 were too many, so I decided to cut it in two. The main reason,though, was that I had the impression that I couldn’t express everything I wanted to on the first (one) – as though something was left unfinished.” Vitalic describes it as a return to the the sources of his sonic identity, a reinterpretation of the rock energy on his early albums with strange synth sounds and heavy rhythms dripping with sweat and sex, but which are ultimately a testament to his obsessive passion for dance music.


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