Feb 01, 2022

QuinzeQuinze | Artist of the month for February

Since 2013, QuinzeQuinze have been shaping their own “climatic” music, for lack of an existing category. It’s a term chosen to encompass the constantly evolving nature of their creative approach. Today, Ennio, Julia, Marvin, Robin and Tsi Min go down a little deeper into the volcanic well from which emerges the flaming power of their musical, visual and narrative vision. It’s from this same incandescence they have drawn the energy needed for the creation of this new project entitled VĀRUA EP. QuinzeQuinze are our artist(s) of the month. 


Vārua, which means soul or spirit in Tahitian, was an inspired choice: the notion, which is deeply anchored in the Polynesian heritage (that two members of the band share), gives the entire project its raison d’être. The same Vārua is also the root of the word Vārua’ino, designating both evil spirits and celestial phenomena (thunder, rain, meteorites and rainbows), and giving an idea of the true essence of this new EP. 

The seven tracks on the EP  dive into different mental spaces – the stream of collective consciousness crosses paths with bruised memory (‘Te Tiare’), the melancholy felt at the end of a life cycle merges with the ecstatic emptiness of the subconscious (‘Le Bleu’), the sadness arising from the loss of a dear friend or the frustration created by the lack of inspiration contrasts with the emergence of hope (‘Le Soleil’, ‘Muse’). One can sense the presence of the Southern and Northern American, Caribbean, Afro-Portuguese, or English scenes. And there, one can hear R&B, trip-hop along with experimental electronics or dancehall sonorities.

An atypical group

The group unveiled their sound with the Nevaneva EP in 2018. This first release, presented as a short film in music, brought together ancestral ōrero (Polynesian oral art), traditional percussion instruments (to’ere, steel drum), South American and Caribbean influences (candombe, calypso) and futuristic electronic production. QuinzeQuinze embark on a singular and atemporal narrative exercise. As modern-day storytellers and guardians of memory, they took us with this first project into the legend of the creation of the world according to Polynesian myths, which they reinterpreted with poetic flair.

A London show and an exclusive playlist!

QuinzeQuinze will be playing for a British audience at the What The France Night on 24th February in London. In the meantime, we have an exclusive and eclectic ‘Made in France’ playlist selected by the group for you to listen to. It features music from Partout Partout, Bonnie Banane, Nyoko Bokbae & Nadsat, Ultra Zook, HSRS ? Moutarde & Miel, Jacques, Yen Yen, Kevin Heartbeats, LaBlue & Astronne, Oscar Emch, Sébastien Forrester, Lafawndah, Nerlov and Lala &ce.


A Made In France Selection QuinzeQuinze

Listen to a selection of "made in France" tracks, carefully handpicked by QuinzeQuinze. Listen now