Sep 01, 2020

Sabrina Bellaouel | New EP in September

On 4th September, We Don’t Need to Be Enemies will be released on the Infiné label

Sabrina Bellaouel operates in a fascinating, intermediate zone, between formative musical influences that range from gospel to punk; spirituality and harsh reality; the sensual charm of her voice and the (de)construction of her electronic productions; and between her words – which she describes as being “at the service of emotion” – and her melodies, which are directly related to the places she visits in search of new inspirations.


A politically conscious EP

We Don’t Need To Be Enemies explores questions of sex, gender, society and identity. This new EP is the continuation of a musical quest that Bellaouel has embarked on to free herself of stereotypes and traditional musical structures. “I’ve tried so many things with the song form that I wanted to try something else, to take the time and create a trance, to give people the time to immerse themselves in my songs,” she explains.

With these four tracks, mixed by Cubenx, her intention is to find the essence of electronic music: the sound of cities, their atmosphere, “all the little, atypical things that don’t require words, but only a feeling… for me, it’s easier to express my emotions through notes rather than through word which always suggest a story. Dropping the lyrics has allowed me to go further musically, to create a soundtrack rather than a normal EP.”

We Don’t Need To Be Enemies captures a moment in a life and allows Sabrina Bellaouel to “rediscover herself through production.” But the EP also has a politically conscious dimension which aligns her with some of the most exciting factions within contemporary electronic music.


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