Aug 31, 2022

UTO | New album ‘Touch The Lock’

UTO is a love story. UTO is a two-headed creature: Émile and Neysa. They live together at Émile’s grandmother’s house, with its décor that has remained unchanged since the 70s. It’s there that they write together, inspired by Portishead, Bob Dylan and Aphex Twin. Neysa’s lyrics melt into Émile’s finely sculpted electronic backing, as demonstrated on recent single ‘Heavy Metal’.

UTO, a name chosen in tribute to an old dog that crossed their path one day, emerged in 2017 with the release of their debut EP Shelter For The Broken, on Pain Surprises, unveiling their hybrid of pop and trip-hop. Two years later, their second EP The Night’s Due, changed things up again: the steady drum machine rhythms were now intertwined with melodies from another age, simultaneously baroque, mystical and misty, carried by synths, piano lines and slow brass that end up entirely enveloping each song. And there’s a troubled melancholy in the vocals that recalls Hope Sandoval or Björk.

Their new album, featuring 12 new songs, is called Touch the Lock and is out now.

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