May 20, 2021

VAPA | New single ‘Nachtigall’

French producer based in Cologne, VAPA is releasing his debut EP Mental on 11th June 2021. A second track from the project, ‘Nachtigall’, is out now. 

VAPA (aka Vous n’Avez Pas d’Avis) is a French electronic music project, which aims to share values like community, self-reflection and the ability to lose oneself in music and images. His slogan is “a music to dance or think to: we do both”.

The name Nachtigall (nightingale in English) is a homage to the mythical Cologne club of the same name. The raw sound of the track is evocative of club nights that one immediately feels the German influence. The deep groove of the track also signals the admiration Vapa has for melodic techno. The result is intense, like feeling weightless, but it still kicks hard.

It’s the sound of someone who goes beyond the limits of reason and abandons themselves to pure feeling for four minutes. Even at its peak, it’s a fundamentally peaceful sound, and what seems impenetrable to begin with becomes a welcoming space.

VAPA sends out a summons to all the party people with elements that they respond to: groovy, powerful drums, a cascade of synths, nocturnal motifs and a touch of melody. It’s about communion, getting together to feel the power of music.


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