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Mar 25, 2020

Yael Naim | New album ‘Nightsongs’

Ten years ago, Yael Naim was just starting out in the music industry with her single ‘New Soul’, which has become a timeless international classic. On the basis of this extraordinary success, Yael Naim has built a career as a singer-songwriter with her partner and producer David Donatien, releasing three albums which have sold over a million copies worldwide. Her fourth album, Nightsongs, released on 20th March, is the portrait of the artist at her most fragile and intimate.

“Close your eyes, listen to your heart beat now…” These are the words that open Night Songs, Naim’s first solo album – solo, because it’s the first written and produced without her alter-ego David Donatien. It’s an attempt to find space for herself, a moment of solitude, without breaking the links – either personal or artistic – with what has made her a unique performer these last 15 years..

A murmur in the dark

The album concludes with a summation, ‘A Bit Of’, on which Naim’s muffled voice brings together all the soul, beauty and inspiration present in these 12 ‘nightsongs’: the fear, tears, magic, warmth, guilt, dreams, laughter, confidence and the suffering…

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