Mar 03, 2021

Brisa Roché | New album ‘Freeze Where U R’ with Fred Fortuny

Brisa Roché and Fred Fortuny are releasing a new album Freeze Where U R !


Fred Fortuny has dreamed of recording an ‘American’ album for a long time, an album that would recall the music of Laurel Canyon artists like Joni Mitchell, or The Mamas & the Papas, the Byrds, as well as Jimmy Webb, Carole King and the Brill Building songwriters.

While Brisa Roché has lived in France for most of the last 20 years, she is still one of the most extraordinary voices in contemporary American music. Incredibly versatile, the 44 year old doesn’t just write music but is also a writer and painter. Her first album was on Blue Note but she has since moved from jazz and through styles including dark pop, folk, electro-pop and post-punk.

Freeze Where U R

The album is a chest full of gleaming treasure. The musical bases were laid down by Fortuny, over which Roché expressed herself spontaneously, responding to the melodies. She then laid down gospel-style backing vocals. Finally, the pair headed to the famous ICP studios in Brussels where the final recordings were built around Roché’s vocals. The final result is an album that sounds both vintage and modern.

A feminine touch

Roché’s lyrics are resolutely feminine: “I wrote about moments and themes relating to different stages of a woman’s life, seen through the emotional lens of my life at the moment,” she says. “Emancipation, nostalgia for past loves, being angry with men, keeping a distance and independence in your work, always starting new chapters, revolt against the slavery that technological and progress brings.”

On the album, Roché is both the child that listened to the songs of Joni Mitchell and Linda Ronstadt on a record player in her parents’ home in California and the adult singer who sees a new musical path opening up ahead of her, one she has embarked on in the company of Fred Fortuny.


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