Cléa Vincent by Michelle Blades 5
Apr 08, 2020

Cléa Vincent | The musical journey continues

Cléa Vincent continues her musical explorations with Tropi-Cléa 2.

Just a few months after the release of her second album Nuits sans sommeil, Cléa Vincent returned to Midilive, the Vogue record label’s mythical studios, to record six new songs that she had written last winter.

The second piece of a diptych

Tropi-Cléa 2 can be viewed as the second piece of diptych. She writes in a relatable, realistic way about various themes: romantic encounters (‘Sans dec’), the right to be unproductive in a world that’s rapidly evolving (‘N’allez pas travailler’), and relationships between men and women (‘Poupée canapé’).

For this project she has also continued to develop her explorations of global sounds to enrich her typically French pop, stepping out onto a dancefloor where reggae, salsa, cumbia, bossa nova and jazz mingle and bring life to these six radiant, fresh-sounding songs.


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