Nov 10, 2023

Cléa Vincent | The singer-songwriter returns with single ‘C’est OK’

Cléa Vincent will soon be returning with a new album to show for herself following her interlude of two EPs – Tropi-Cléa 2 and Tropi-Cléa 3 – with the French singer-songwriter having recently unveiled ‘C’est OK’, the very first single from her upcoming LP and a celebration of her resurgence, which is driven by a joyous, unashamed energy and inspired by the UK’s ’90s house scene.

The song took shape during the COVID-19 lockdown period, in the studio that Cléa shares with Raphaël Léger, her long-time musical collaborator, in the neighbourhood of Belleville, Paris. The pair chose the provisional title of ‘C OK’ as a way of taking a snapshot of the general atmosphere at that time, and this impulse was what guided their songwriting, as they put the emphasis on calmly accepting change rather than remaining stuck in the past.

In order to enhance the track, Cléa and Raphaël called upon backing singers Guillemette and Rémi Foucard as well as bringing in percussion instruments such as the shaker, the cabasa and the conga drum, resulting in a ’90s-inspired groove that also incorporates Eurodance bass elements and jazzy synths. Together, this creates an ambiance of good vibes and frivolity at a leisurely 105 BPM – a pace reminiscent of a nice afternoon stroll.

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