Apr 24, 2019

L’Imperatrice | Win two tickets to L’Imperatrice’ show in New York

Following the worldwide release of the Deluxe Edition of their album Matahari, L’Impératrice will be touring in the US for the first time in May !

Tickets Giveway

Click here for a chance to win a pair of tickets to L’Imperatrice show at Elsewhere in New York on May 20th

Initially, 6 dates were booked, but due to popular demands, 2 more dates have been added:

L'Impératrice - Pop Aug 17, 2022 → Aug 20, 2022
Paredes de Coura Festival Paredes de Coura, Portugal
L'Impératrice - Pop Aug 29, 2022
Astra KulturHaus Berlin, Germany
L'Impératrice - Pop Aug 30, 2022
Praga Centrum Warsaw, Poland
L'Impératrice - Pop Aug 31, 2022
Draussen im Grünen Hamburg, Germany

Listen to our ‘A Made in France Selection by L’Impératrice’


A Made In France Selection by L’Impératrice

Listen to a selection of "made in France" tracks, handpicked by L'Impératrice ! Listen now