Jun 02, 2021

José Reis Fontão | The Stuck In The Sound singer continues his solo adventures with Paraíso

Stuck In The Sound singer José Reis Fontão continues his solo adventures with new EP Paraíso.

With Paraíso, released by French label Upton Park, José Reis Fontão continues to unveil his personal project with a sound mixing pop and electronic music and a pinch of nostalgia, far removed from the feverish rock of his band. Following on from the Dada EP, which was a tribute to his grandmother and his Portuguese roots, Reis Fontão continues to be inspired by his lusophone origins. He’s happy to sing in both Portuguese and English while writing irresistible pop melodies that recall the land of his ancestors and blending them with techno.

The track ‘Primavera’ calls on the melancholy spirit of fado, the Portuguese music that exults loss and nostalgia. The video takes us into the woods, a place of reflection and introspection. The music and José’s voice give the sense of an awakening to nature. It’s a contemplative song, carried by a profound sadness and poignant devotion where guitar arpeggios are accompanied by simple backing harmonies that fill the space. Both revealing and deeply rooted, this new collection of four tracks explores different facets of Reis Fontão’s art.


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