Feb 22, 2021

Laure Briard | New EP!

Two years after the release of Coração Louco, her first EP in Portuguese, Laure Briard continues her collaboration with Brazilian band Boogarins on Eu Voo.

The singer-songwriter met the band at SXSW in 2017, leading to a tour of Texas and Mexico and the beginning of a great friendship. Five months after this pivotal meeting, Briard started writing in Portuguese and the idea of a collaboration started to seem inevitable, despite the distance between France and Brazil. The next step was to embark on an eight-date tour in Brazil, followed by another trip a few months later to record with the band.

Like Coração Louco, Eu Voo was conceived with Boogarins’ Benke Ferraz then recorded with the band. “There was a real togetherness about the team, everyone contributed to the arrangements, they were created in the moment without prior discussion.”

Remaining faithful to the themes that fire her imagination – the new songs explore the intensity of emotions, love, sadness and travel, magic and mysticism – Briard presents a musically refined EP inspired by Gal Costa’s Tropicália and the groove of Novos Baianos.


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