May 05, 2021

NCY Milky Band | New album ‘Burn’in’

French group NCY Milky Band have released their debut album Burn’in, which oscillates between jazz, hip-hop and subtle electronic touches, with playful synths meeting an outrageously groovy rhythm section.

Formed from the jazzy core of BMM records, the four-piece features Louis Treffel on keys, Antoine Léonardon on bass, Quenton Thomas on sax and Paul Lefevre on drums.

Burn’in: is a state of physical exhaustion, the result of prolonged euphoria provoked by a great moment spent with friends. That’s the concept behind the new album from NCY Milky Band, an electronic jazz quartet from Nancy known for their experimentation with groove. The 11 tracks on the album brim with innovative ideas and unexpected musical connections, guided by the off-kilter keyboard playing and bubbling loops of Louis Treffel which were also a major feature of their covers album Our Gurus.

The intro to ‘Magic Polo’ is an electronic improvisation recorded in ten minutes and based on Paul Lefèvre‘s complex drum break, while in the background we can hear the slide whistle played by bassist Antoine Léonardon.

The tracks that follow cover a wide range of moods, from serene-but-rhythmical ballads like ‘Burn’in’ and ‘Politricks’ to slow jams like ‘Love Alert’, ‘L’Ombre d’Un Homme’ and ‘Plus Profond’ where Quentin Thomas’s saxophone exudes melancholy. On ‘Young Fiasco’, an eerie downtempo track features an almost unrecognisable sax and phases of outré improvisation. The final number, ‘Mermoz’, is named after the road that the BMM studio is based in. It’s the grand finale, an explosion of nostalgia and euphoria carried by an extraordinary performance from drummer Paul Lefèvre and capping the experience that is Burn’in.


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